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A morning in Stuytown

This weekend NYC Urban Sketchers met in Stuytown, on the Lower East Side, for their first flea market in 40 years! There was some great people to sketch, and I even left with a watering can at the end of the day.

First and favorite of the day! These teenagers were enjoying the sunshine. I originally sat where I did to get them sitting on the opposite side of the fountain, but before I started drawing they moved and sat directly between me and the water. I shifted over to get this composition....luckily they stayed just long enough for me to finish the sketch!

This classy lady was awesome. She wasn't selling anything, just hanging out with friends who were and seemed to know everyone; although that seemed common at the even in general! Never has beige looked so great!

In the middle of Stuytown there's a large, green area that on sunny Saturday was host to many picnic-goers and sunbathers. Here's two!

This woman was sitting with her husband (playing the string instrument below) and alternated between napping and people watching.

Another husband/wife duo waiting to make a sale!

A roaming guitar player....musicians were a theme!

What this kid lacked in experience he made up for in spunk....he only new a few bars of a couple songs but he was willing to stand for ages playing them over and over! He and his friend (I heard one passerby call the friend the kid's "manager!") alternated between busking and skateboarding around the market.




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