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A Wednesday in Philadelphia

Last week I was visiting my parents in South Jersey for a couple of days, and while there I made a pilgrimage to nearby Philadelphia to see the watercolor exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Appropriately, I stopped on my way there to do my own watercolor of one of my favorite Philly views. This is City Hall and the Swann Fountain (which you may remember from this post) as seen from Logan Circle. I was pretty happy with the result!

The exhibit itself was wonderful, featuring a history of watercolor in the US and a large section devoted to Winslow Homer and John Singer Sargent. I even got to see one of my favorite Sargent watercolors in person! For anyone wondering, it's the Escutcheon of Charles V of Spain (as seen below, photo from the Met website), and I use it when teaching the trompe l'oeil lesson to my scene painting students. I highly recommend it to anyone in the Philadelphia area, but it's closing soon!




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