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Super Sneaky Sketching

I spent last Saturday sketching in Grand Central Station! But, for the first time, I was really a sketcher on a mission. One of my sister's best friends was getting married nearby and the couple was doing some photos in the main terminal at Grand Central. A month or two prior, my sister (who was also a bridesmaid) had told me the plan for the photos, as well as mentioning she wasn't sure what she was getting them as a wedding gift yet. My response: "So....if I show up at the right time at Grand Central, I'll see Vanessa and Joe? ....I know what you're getting them."

I decided to get there early, not only so I wouldn't miss them so I'd have time to do some warm-up sketching. These two daughters were clearly waiting for their mother (it was the day before Mother's Day, after all), and you know I can never resist balloons.

Then I did some super quick people sketches before starting to look out for the bride and groom. Or, the right bride and groom. There were several couples there throughout the time I was waiting...GCS is a popular photo location!

Once I saw them arrive I stealthily made my way up the stairs to the Apple Store. I put my sketch stuff on the ledge, blending in with the tourists taking in the view, and snapped a couple of pictures since I had been warned that they were probably not going to be there very long. I got all the basics down while they were in front of me, but finished it by photo after they left. (I only have a photo of it not a scan, hence the quality)

Afterwards, I went back to my parent's hotel room and used it as a framing studio, cutting a couple of mats and putting it in one of my favorite Pottery Barn gallery frames. Last but not least, I wrapped it in some kraft paper and handed it off to my sister! It was really fun. And isn't everyone glad I use my sneaky powers for good rather than evil?




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