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Close-ups of the NY Public Library

Most of my residency I spent doing far-away compositions of the architecture around the park, but I spent a couple of days doing some close-ups around the New York Public Library.

This first one of the statue of William Cullen Bryant was the one I had started drawing on my first day in the park. I could paint the light on the structure housing him forever, it was always gorgeous no matter the time of day!

On the first Friday of my residency I moved to the front of the building and drew this, and painted it the following Monday. I stuck to a limited palette (Daniel Smith Quin Deep Gold, Indigo, Cobalt Blue Violet, and Winsor Newton Rose Dore, if you were wondering, it's basically what I used in the painting above but cutting out a color or two) that I carried through the rest of this series.

Next came Fortitude, one of the famous NYPL lions! I almost cut out the trees, but I'm so glad I kept the leaves in front of him! It really made the painting, for me, anyway.

Then I did a combo of the other two and combined the other lion, Patience, with the facade of the building. I had to sit up on a wall to get the angle!

*All images in this post belong to Bryant Park. All of the paintings are theirs and they will not be for sale on my etsy, nor will I be selling prints. I'm hoping the park might sell prints in the future, and if they do I'll be sure to post about it!




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