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Bryant Park: The People

Even though I tend to edit people out of my paintings, I did a few all about people and some extra ones using them as a focus.

This is an adorable family (I think two sisters and their children?) who were playing on the lawn my final afternoon.

Loved being entertained by the piano program, which had piano players come out and play for two hours every day, Monday-Friday. Here's Kuni Mikami, the Piano Man from my final day!

These two weren't sitting together in real life, but I figured they could be. Pictured in front of the entrance to the Bryant Park Hotel.

This was actually my final sketch of the residency, capturing people reading, on their phones, chatting, and eating along the lawn in front of Bryant Park Grill.

*All images in this post belong to Bryant Park. All of the paintings are theirs and they will not be for sale on my etsy, nor will I be selling prints. I'm hoping the park might sell prints in the future, and if they do I'll be sure to post about it!




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