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What the Frick?

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Frick with NYC Urban Sketchers. It was my first time in the museum, and sadly I can't say I was terribly impressed. Aside from an unnecessarily strict sketching policy that makes the Met's "dry media only" rule look tame ( they only allow graphite and charcoal, no color, even colored pencils!), I found the collections to not be as extensive or interesting as I'd like for the $22 price tag. I didn't get to do a full tour of the temporary exhibit, but could only imagine myself going back if there were an exhibit I'd be especially interested in, or on one of their pay-what-you-can Wednesdays. Luckily, I was happy with the sketch I did! Which I managed to get nearly finished with watercolor (I hadn't checked the sketching policies before I went) before I was stopped by a very apologetic guard. I finished in the ladies room, which has really comfortable, plush benches and turned out to be quite a step up from my little travel stool.




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