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Queens Comfort

One of my favorite things about New York City: there's never a lack of good restaurants to choose from. I originally became aware of Queens Comfort in Astoria when a former roommate was about to move out of the city and demanded we go to her favorite restaurant before she left town. Let's just say she didn't have to twist my arm.

Though I've only been a few times (naturally, I didn't become aware of the Queens Comfort when I was living in nearby Long Island City, but when I was already living in Brooklyn!), it's become one of my favorites, too. It's eclectic mix of action figures and other fun memorabilia give the impression of the interior of an 8 year-old boy's closet in the 80's, but in the best possible way. The effect of the kitsch is charming and cozy. Imagine you're in an I-Spy book, next to a Christmas tree. While watching Star Wars. And ET is there. Overwhelming, but comfortable and friendly.

And then, we have the menu. There's always a donut of the day (order early, they go fast!), and the best eggs Benedict I've ever had! My favorite version is the American Hardcore, which features pecan-encrusted bacon. Pecan. Encrusted. Bacon. Just let that sink in.

When I heard that they were closing, I decided I had to go before they were gone for good. Luckily, it turns out they aren't closing and only moving down the street, but I was glad to go while they're at their original location in any case! (I'm hoping the kitsch and the pecan-encrusted bacon will travel with them!) Joined by an Astoria-based friend, I headed to brunch the weekend before last, getting to the restaurant at 9:55 for their 10 AM opening. Even though I'm used to a line there, I was surprised that it was already alllll the way down the block (I'm not the only one who wanted to catch one last brunch before the big move!). Luckily, it is always worth the wait.

After brunch, I headed across the street to get a sketch in. They've been on my sketch list for a while, and though I wish it were a warm, sunny day, I was glad this rainy, January Sunday was warm enough for me to sketch somewhat comfortably. I was spotted by their social media manager, who came over to take some photos of me in action! These are borrowed from their instagram page.

And last: my sketch! Hoping to do a sketch of their new location, too. Stay tuned!

Prints and printed goods can be found, as usual, at my Society6 page.




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