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The Other Met

I've sketched in the Metropolitan Museum of Art a bunch, but there's another Met in town that I had actually never visited! I'm talking about the Metropolitan Opera House. I've sketched the outside, but have actually never been to an opera there (though that's on the list) and have never seen the inside. So, when I found a "brunch club" sketch group that was spending a Sunday there (it's open to the public on Sundays! Who knew?), I was excited to join. And now that I've been, I'm excited to return! I only had time for one sketch, so I decided to choose the inspiring view you get as you first walk in, with their famous chandeliers. The angles are TOUGH (everything is curved!) and the shadows and colors are tougher, with red carpet reflecting off both the white surfaces AND gold leafed ceilings and lots of overlapping shapes with different toned shadows on them. It was a super fun challenge and I'd love to go back and get a more iconic shot with their gorgeous windows.




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