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Yes, Again.

I know I JUST SKETCHED the Flatiron Building, but it's so hard to resist! I remembered while I was doing that nocturne it's been a while since I sketched it in daylight, so a return trip was in order!

This was the same day I painted Grand Central (in my last post) It was all fine at first, while the sun was out, but every time a cloud came along, it dropped several degrees and I became very chilly! I was happy to have done the one sketch outside, but even happier to turn indoors to sketch in a warmer environment!

I also got to meet Luke Adam Hawker, a Londoner visiting NYC who was also drawing the Flatiron Building! (When I see an easel, I have to check out what's on it!). To see his drawing (I saw it very early on, I think he said he was going to be out for 5 hours!), go to his instagram here!




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