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Staten Island Ferry

It's nice having friends who also like sketching! A few weeks ago, my friend Tim suggested a sketch trip taking the (free!) Staten Island Ferry back and forth. We ended up taking it six times! Each of these sketches took less than one trip across. I started out with this view of the interior of the ferry.

Next I decided to brave the then-chilly weather to do some sketches from the open-air front of the boat, starting with this view of Manhattan.

I did this much quicker sketch from the inside of a different ferry, headed in the opposite direction!

I did these two of the Statue of Liberty, one from inside through a window and one from outside on the deck. I decided to scale up after the exterior one went well, from a 4x6 to a 6x8!

Last but not least, I did a sketch of the interior of the boat looking out, I just loved all the colors! You can see the Verrazano Bridge beyond.




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