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Portugal Sketchcation: Day 2

First full day in Portugal! First off we headed into town in search of breakfast and sketching. I had a delicious crostini with a pastel de nata (a Portuguese custard pastery pictured below, also my new obsession!) on the side. While we were waiting for our food, one of my travel companions, Shawne, asked if we could borrow some of their sardine packages they had for sale to draw at the table. And they let us! Weirdly, this is one of my favorite sketches from the trip. Thanks, Shawne!

We then walked around for a while before settling on a good sketching location. It was hard to choose what to sketch, the stores, the great church with its full side of tile work. So I just chose to do all of it!

I went off on my own for a bit and ran into Lapin, one of the symposium instructors, and did this sketch of the Clérigos Tower. I meant to go back for another sketch, but it just never happened. There was too much to sketch!

Last of the day, this was the view from the cathedral right by our airbnb. There were so many great views, it was again really hard to choose! This was a running theme for the trip. Afterward we went to dinner, where I continued to eat my weight in octopus and cod.

Some photos from the day!




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