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Portugal Sketchcation: Day 3

I decided to spend my last full pre-symposium day exploring on my own. I started the day by meeting up with a couple of people who reserved Woodward and Father boards, which led me down by the river. I sat down and naturally thought, "oh, I'll do a nice quick warm up sketch." Nearly three hours later, I had this sketch of the bridge. No regrets!

Though my original intent was to get a lot of sketching accomplished, I mostly ended up wandering around and taking photos. I ran into one of my NYC urban sketcher buddies and we crossed the bridge (I have so. many. photos. from this that will hopefully one day become paintings!). After going our separate ways (and after I got myself another pastel de nata or two!) I went to explore the monastery you can see in the upper right hand corner of the above sketch. It was built in the sixteenth century, and is a World Heritage Site. The part not open to the public has been functioning as an army barracks since the 1830's.

The day before I had seen another great view near our local cathedral, and immediately put it on my sketch list. I took advantage of the time I had available and the gorgeous light, and spent several hours doing this large sketch. I also distributed a few more sketch boards to customers while I sketched! Afterwards I met with my housemates and we went to another wonderful dinner.

Here are some photos from that day!




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