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Portugal Sketchcation: Day 4

AND SO IT BEGINS! The first day of the Urban Sketching Symposium has arrived! My housemates and I left to get breakfast before registration (read: eat more pastel de nata!) and sketched the view from our table. Registration was a big deal this year because you sign up for the demo you will be seeing upon arrival rather than in advance, so best get in early to avoid getting closed out of the demo you're interested in! We also got our swag bags full of goodies from the sponsors. While waiting in line it was great to catch up with friends from last year, and make some new ones! There were over 800 (!!!) sketchers in town for the event.

After registering, chatting, and selling still more Woodward and Father boards, it was time for lunch! I went out with a friend of mine I met last year in Chicago, and we found this restaurant with outdoor tables overlooking the river. The food was great and the view was better! We sketched while we ate and the owner tried (unsuccessfully) to trade me my sketch for wine.

After eating we joined the in-progress sketchwalk down the river a bit (see the overlap in my two sketches?).

After the sketchwalk we had our official opening ceremonies, and then I met up with another NYC urban sketcher to do a little sketching before dinner (sketch will be in another post, I did the pencil drawing that night but finished the sketch on another day!). I was a little disappointed in the lack of sun, but overall a good day!




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