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Birthday Sketchwalk

Why yes, I am months behind in blogging. Time to finally tell you about my birthday sketchwalk! I decided the way I wanted to spend the day was by seeing movies and sketching. In the morning I went to see Ocean's 8 with my sister (it combined my love of heist movies with my love of all of the amazing women they cast!), and then I went on a sketchcrawl of some of my favorite places in New York. I started with my favorite view in Central Park, looking back at the buildings along the southern edge of the park.

After that I meandered through the park, enjoying the lovely weather and people watching, until finally coming out at the South East corner of the park. I walked down to the Rockefeller Plaza area and decided to sketch the sculpture of Atlas, which I've always liked but have never sketched!

Next I took advantage of the easy access to the F train and used that to hop the river and go to Brooklyn Bridge Park. This is easily my favorite sketching location in the city. There are three (THREE!!!) fantastic bridges, there are cute streets, there are people, there's a carousel. What's not to love? After getting myself a lemonade I settled down to paint my favorite view of the Brooklyn Bridge, in golden hour lighting. If you're thinking this looks familiar, it's because I've painted a similar one before. I wanted another go of it because I'm planning on a much larger studio painting. Stay tuned!

Last, I painted the beginnings of the sunset over the Statue of Liberty and New Jersey before heading out to meet friends for The Incredibles 2, which conveniently came out on my birthday (and seeing a Pixar movie for my 30th birthday just felt RIGHT!). All in all, an excellent birthday!




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