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Bryant Park Movie

After seeing the last movie of the summer in Bryant Park last year during my artist residency, I knew I wanted to make it to at least one this year! So, when I heard they were showing A League of Their Own (an old family favorite!) I invited some of my best gals and we decided to go! Because I'm me, I obviously had to sketch it. Me and Erin got in early to put down two blankets when the lawn opened (my first time participating in the mad dash to get a place on the lawn!). I did a quick daylight sketch of the scene before I began my nocturne for the movie.

This time around I wanted to get a decent amount of my nocturne done before the movie started. Unlike last year, I was smack dab in the middle of the lawn and I didn't want my light to get in the way of everyone's enjoyment of the film. Also I didn't have a sign telling people I was a resident artist of the park, and lastly, this time I actually already knew what the lighting looked like during a Bryant Park movie night! So, I got a head start.

While sketching, I asked Erin to take some photos of me sketching (useful for the Woodward and Father instagram). A funny thing happened while she was taking photos...everyone started clapping and cheering and turning around to face us. It took me a second to reach a stopping point where I could put my brush down and turn around too, but when I did, lo and behold, there was a man proposing to his girlfriend behind us! (She said yes! Congrats, Becky and James!!!) Check out the photos below.

Here's an ALMOST finished version, as we were watching cartoons before the start of the movie. I finished the whole thing except the screen beforehand, and did the screen afterwards (after all, I had to watch it to decide what I was going to choose!)

The finished product!

All in all, a fun day in one of my favorite parks!




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