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Concert with Common Jack and Kuinka

Back in June I was lucky enough to yet again see one of my favorite bands, Common Jack, in concert. Common Jack was opening for Kuinka, who I wasn't familiar with (I didn't even spotify them beforehand!) but quickly fell in love with. I basically have had their songs "Gold," "Curious Hands," and "Howl" stuck on repeat in my head and I am FINE with it! I managed to sketch John of Common Jack (who happens to be a buddy from college) and each member of Kuinka during their respective sets. I think you can tell I was a little more relaxed while sketching John, in part because I knew what he looked like going in but mostly because I had a little more time since I wasn't trying to sketch multiple people.

Also, thanks Ned Donovan for this phenomenal photo of me sketching Common Jack!




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