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Sketching Between Errands

A sad side effect of being a busy scenic painter who also sells fine art on the side and who ALSO has a business making and selling watercolor palettes and sketchboards on the side is that frequently, my sketching has to happen between other things. I don't always have time to take a day out of my schedule and just paint, but I can usually spare 20-60 minutes for a sketch. Here are two I did between errands a few weeks back! The first I did while dropping a painting off with a client; I arrived a half hour early.

After I ran a couple more errands, I had a little extra time before needing to head home so I parked myself on 6th Avenue. I've always loved the Wolf Paper and Twine Company, in no small part because it's surroundings are so brilliantly New York. There's storefronts and awnings, fire escapes, water towers and even a hint of the Empire State Building peaking out from behind the other buildings. What's not to love? Sadly while working on this sketch the skies opened and it began to pour, I finished under the overhang of a nearby building, and it did get a little smudged on the very wet journey home, but I think that gives it a little added character. Definitely a view I'd love to paint again, and I have a feeling I will!




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