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Colorado Sketchcation: Day 6

On my schedule, Day 6 was a big question mark. Other than the five-ish hour drive to get myself from the Sand Dunes to just north of Boulder, I had left the day open. I could do more sand dunes, some nearby falls, or hit some other places as I drove north. I decided to do a quick sketch of the Dunes from my patio, and start my drive.

Once I was on the road, fog descended. I should have known then my best bet would have been sketching the falls in the sunshine I had just left. While fog can be lovely and moody, when you want to see the beautiful mountains you're driving through, it isn't a welcome addition. Add when driving on a very curvy road? Hard pass. I ended up pulling over because some jerk was tailgating me (I was going the speed limit! In fog! What did he want from me?) and doing this itty bitty sketch from my car.

I was driving up the east side of the mountains, and combined with the fog I found that there wasn't as much worth sketching on this side. Later, on a suggestion, I went to check out Devil's Head Lookout. I ended up spending over an hour extra in the national forest because some of the signage was LESS THAN STELLAR. Sometimes, an unexpected adventure can really make a trip. At the very least you don't want to repeatedly be thinking the word "harrowing" as you're having an accidental adventure. I ended up on lots of trails I was not pleased to be driving on (that rental SUV was a CHAMP though!), had a couple of panic attacks, and was very happy when I found my way out. I opted out of sketching at any point in this experience, but did take a few photos. The view WAS good, though perhaps not totally worth the trouble. One of my best views of the day was the sunset over the Rocky Mountains as I approached my airbnb for the night, which I sadly wasn't able to get a photo of. You will just have to take my word for it: it was breathtaking.




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