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Colorado Sketchcation: Day 11

The Final Day! I had left this open for whatever I wanted to do. Matt had flown home, so I was left to my own devices. I had been considering going back and doing another hike in the Rocky Mountain National Park, but decided I was hiked out. Spending the day exploring Denver and Boulder was much more appealing!

I googled a bit to give myself some kind of plan, and decided to start at Union Station in Denver. I definitely want to do a studio painting of the great orange lettering above the station. So beautiful!

After walking down the road a bit I found this bookstore that was getting great afternoon light, and I couldn't resist!

I then began to meander around Denver, with storm clouds above threatening rain. I was able to get a quick one of the art museum before having to pack it in. What better to do while it's raining than swap cities? I used the time to drive to neighboring Boulder, and as I drove, the sun came back out!

The Pearl Street Mall in Boulder has a "main street" kind of vibe, and actually reminded me a lot of Ithaca Commons (in Ithaca, NY, where I went to college). I felt right at home! Because I can't resist a good bookstore, and this one had amazing lettering, I decided to sketch my second bookstore of the day! The inside was also adorable; I could have gotten lost in there for hours!

Last sketch of the trip? The Dushanbe Tea House, as promised! The whole trip was amazing, I will definitely need to return to Colorado!




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