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These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Hi, y'all! I know, long time no blog. I'm coming to terms with the fact that blogging regularly isn't something I can manage without cutting back on my time sketching and WOW was this a busy summer of sketching! The holiday season also started early, as I began to get holiday commission requests in September. I'm still hoping to blog occasionally about my sketches, but I don't think I'll manage weekly posts or getting *everything* I sketch blogged. Especially as I'm planning on a few other things in 2020 that will take some bandwidth, too (stay tuned). Since I was so intermittent with blogging this year, I wanted to do a round-up of my favorite paintings of 2019! I limited myself to 30, which sounds like except I've painted several hundred things this year(!!!). I also tried to not repeat subjects, which simultaneously made the challenge easier and more difficult.




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