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First Day of School

This semester I've gotten a teaching job at a University in New Jersey, teaching scene painting on Friday mornings! I'm very excited for the opportunity, but less excited for the commute. Because of train times, to get there in time to set up for my 8:30 AM class, I have to be out the door a little before 6 AM. The silver lining to this is that the commute provides for a ton of sketching opportunities! Here are some from the commute Thursday (I was doing prep work for my first class) and Friday of this week.

I drew this man both because of the adorable way he was slouched into his jacket, and because he bore slight resemblance to my great-grandfather!

I gave the guy props for holding up such a heavy tome on the subway! He did have to keep swapping arms which made it hard to draw him.

This man I drew in Penn Station. He wasn't amused.

A fur coat on the subway! The train quickly became too full for me to see her, so I drew mostly from memory and the occasional glimpse.





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