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New York Urban Sketchers: Grand Central

This Saturday, NYC Urban Sketchers met at Grand Central. Sadly I missed the first half, after spending over an hour waiting in the post office to pick up a package. But I did a warm-up sketch of a man on the train to the event!

Then when I arrived in time for lunch, I ate my pizza in about half a second and proceeded to watercolor a bit of the dining concourse. I decided to use perylene green after being reminded of it doing a project at work this week. I love how it mixes with vermillion! Perylene ended up being a theme for me for the day...

The second half of the event I was able to spend doing a long sketch of the Main Concourse. I want to take another crack at it soon! The lighting is complicated and the color hard to capture, not to mention the movement of all the people!

Afterwards we all headed to the bar to share sketches, and continue sketching each other! Here's one I did of a fellow sketcher (I wish I had room for the great pom pom on her hat!)

I went to Schmackary's afterwards (post to follow), but I also sketched on the way home! Overall, a very productive day!





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