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My Morning as a Rebel

This weekend's New York Urban Sketchers event involved a trip to the Winter Garden at Brookfield Place. About a half an hour into our visit, we were approached by a Security Guard who told us we weren't allowed to sketch the building. The Luminaries (an art installation), the people, and the trees were all fair game, but we weren't allowed to sketch any "structure" for security reasons. The guard obviously found this ridiculous and it became a joke for the rest of the day. He also told us that technically people aren't allowed to take photos of the building either (though they don't stop anyone taking selfies or group photos with the structure in the background). Conveniently, I had started my sketch with the structure of the building (and then didn't see the harm in coloring it in). Everything in the sketch you can find in photos on the internet (and more accurate, I might add. Mine is definitely fudged!) so I figured it was probably safe to post. As a somewhat obsessive rule-follower, I got to feel a little dangerous for the morning! I'm glad I didn't abandon it; I'm pretty happy with the result!

My postlunch sketch I avoided the Winter Garden altogether and sketched the view of the Jersey City skyline out the window! One morning of rebelling is clearly my limit.

Last but not least, a quick subway sketch I did as a warm-up on my way into the city.




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