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A Whirlwind New England Weekend

It turned out to be a very good thing that I posted one of my Grand Central sketches as last week's flashback Friday, as when I traveled through on my way to Connecticut I didn't have time for anything but lunch! Therefore, my first sketch of the trip is one I did at New Haven's Union Station, while I was waiting for a friend to get out of a meeting so we could go to an improv show. Luckily, I had a little over an hour. Unluckily, it was at twilight and the light was changing faster than I could paint!

After the improv show (in Hartford) I stayed with another friend overnight, and then in the morning headed to Boston to visit Anna and Dan. I didn't sketch anything on Saturday (you will have to take my word for it that there was sugar cookie baking/decorating, puzzle assembling, movie watching, and delicious grilled cheese and tapas eating). Sunday, after we went to the Harvard Art Museum, I mentioned wanting to get some sketching in. Anna insisted we go to one of her favorite places in Boston, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.*

I did a quick warm-up sketch of a fellow diner while we had a snack and beverages at the restaurant in the museum. Had I waited a few minutes to start it, I may instead have sketched the delicious pear and cheese dish we ordered (seriously, so good!).

And, once inside the museum's indoor courtyard, I started a longer watercolor sketch. Right before I started, Dan sat down in my field of vision, soon followed by Anna. Y'all should know by now that sitting in my view when I sketch means that chances are, you WILL be drawn. This isn't the first time this has happened.**

I do appreciate that Dan and Anna wore bright colors! Overall, I had a lovely time and was happy to have some outside-NYC sketches!

*When you tell people you want to sketch, friends let you sketch, best friends relocate you to the place they think you would most like to sketch. Thanks, Anna!

**THIS is the first time that happened. Though, to be fair, I was not sketching when you sat down. But you did sit across from me on the subway, which is basically still asking for it.




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