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Connecticut Paintings

I'm finally back from Connecticut! I managed to do a bunch of watercolors while I was gone, so some might wait to be Flashback Fridays in the future, but here's some of the Connecticut-themed ones!

While I was in CT I visited a friend at Yale. He was running earlier than expected (read: "on time") so I didn't have time to finish this plein air, but I did manage to get the pencil sketch down before he met me. I did the painting in my house later.

While I was in New Haven, my friend took me to a restaurant near his apartment and we had excellent burgers and fries. While waiting for the check, he was texting and we decided that if he can text at the table it's only fair that I get to sketch! Did this quick one of a man at the bar before we left.

So, I'm kind of a morning person. I usually am quick to be fully awake, and I don't drink coffee. This is in part because I don't like coffee and part because no one wants to deal with how perky I am with caffeine in my system. I do require breakfast, because no one wants to deal with me when I haven't eaten, either. So this one was done while I was waiting for my egg to fry and in between assembling my breakfast one morning. It's the view from the dining room window in the house I was staying, and on this particular morning it was a very foggy view!

I didn't do much drawing outside while I was up there since it's still a little chilly, but there were some beautiful vistas I didn't want to miss out on so I took some photos and did these last two from those rather than from life. Both were visible from a 60 second walk from my door; it was nice to escape the city for a while!




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