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CA Sketchcation: A Tale of Four Airports

I just returned yesterday from a ten day trip through California! A childhood friend was getting married in Santa Monica, and as I had never been to the west coast before it seemed like a good time to take myself on a tour. I flew into San Francisco, visited the city for a couple days, rented a car, drove down route 1 (AKA the Pacific Coast Highway), stayed in Santa Monica and LA for a couple days, and drove back up to San Fran inland so I could drop the car and fly out through SFO. It was amazing, and exhausting. I went alone (though with Mindy Kahling and Maggie Smith audiobooks in tow!) and a big part of the motivation for the trip was the opportunity to have a whole vacation I could spend sketching. By the end of the trip I did 32 sketches, which at an average of 3ish per day, I feel pretty good about. I've also taken a ton of photos that I look forward to painting from in the future!

To start and end my trip, I did sketches at the airports while I was waiting to fly. On my way over, I flew out of LGA, stopped over in Chicago, and landed in SFO. On my way home, I flew SFO to Newark. Newark, since I never waited to fly out of it, is the only one without it's own sketch. Among other things, this trip taught me that while I'm terrible at picking the right line at grocery stores, I have a pretty great track record with picking the best TSA line.

Edit: Also, a funny story from my second plane of the trip (Chicago to SF). I was waiting in the long line in the aisle on the plane to get to my seat while boarding. I'm about to pass a couple and their rambunctious toddler son.

HER: How long is this flight?

HUSBAND: About 3 vodka tonics.

KATIE: *Grins*

HUSBAND: Just for smiling at that you get a vodka tonic. Tell them to charge it to the man in 23C!




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