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Art as Gifts - Part 1

A perk of being an artist is being able to blatantly ignore my friends' wedding registries. Because really, who wants me to buy them another plate or some flatware when instead I can give them a framed watercolor that means something to them? Past endeavors have included a watercolor of Wildwood, NJ from a vintage photo for a friend who grew up going to the shore (and had at the time was living in Ohio, though now he and his wife are moving back to Jersey!) and a view from a popular lookout in Sewanee, TN for two friends who met and were married there. For my friend who just got married in California, conveniently she and her husband first lived in NYC together, so I thought it appropriate to commemorate that in their wedding gift! I had taken a whole series of photos on this street in Soho that I was dying to paint, so I figured this was a good time. I was super happy with the final product, and am excited I finally get to share it!




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