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Chicago Sketchcation: Part 4

For the first full day of the symposium, I decided to get up extra early (because I'm insane and should have my head examined) so I could sketch Alexander Calder's Flamingo sculpture. I loved the reflections on the building, and again getting to use my favorite Vermillion (did you spot it on the Wrigley Field painting too?) I was joined for a bit by a new friend from Switzerland, who bought one of the Woodward and Father boards I had on me!

After proceeding to the Hub for morning announcements, we jumped right into our first workshops! Or at least, those of us with workshop passes. They scheduled sketchwalks in place of workshops for everyone who opted for the less expensive passes (that still allowed for going to at least one demo, I think). My first workshop was with Paul Heaston, where we were to learn "umbrella perspective." We were basically using perspective tricks to get tall buildings into a single sketch! Perspective isn't something I consider amongst my strengths, so I loved this challenge. Looking forward to using it in future sketches! Preferably with watercolor. Not going to lie, I really missed my watercolors.

Sadly I had to run away a little early to make it to my Qor watercolor demo (again, separate post with my review coming soon! so I didn't make it into the group photo for the workshop. But that's a story for another day!

After lunch I went to the Paul Wang demo, and it was incredible. If I had more slots for workshops, I'd have definitely taken his, but it was so great to see him in action! He used a cut up old credit card! Phenomenal.

In the evening I couldn't resist the fantastic golden hour light down Michigan Avenue, so I stopped for a sketch.

For my last sketch of the day, I went back to the Chicago Theatre to do a nocturne of the marquee. I'm having a lot of fun with night painting, and am hoping to do some in NYC soon!




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