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Dead Cars

One of my favorite artists, James Gurney, occasionally does plein air challenges. The grand prize is usually one of his books or DVDs, but mostly it's just fun. A couple months ago, he issued a "Dead Vehicle" challenge. The rules were that it had to be painted on location, and of a vehicle that is no longer in working order. Conveniently, the challenge came with two days left in a contract I was working in Connecticut. This was convenient because the shop I was working at is right next to a mechanics shop with several dead cars out in the lot!

So, I went back after work and planted myself in some weeds (looking out for poison ivy!) to get the best view of these two very dead cars. I was spotted by a couple of the guys at the shop, who were super interested in what I was doing and told me a bit about the cars! I mentioned I'd probably be back the next day to sketch some more.

I got to work early the next day to have time for a morning sketch, and painted this gutted VW bus. (such a great color! One of the guys swore to me it'll one day run again!)

When I was picking my morning vehicle, one of the guys came out of the garage and mentioned if I wanted anything pulled out so it was easier to see, they could accomodate! I responded if the jeep just HAPPENED to be pulled out and put in the weeds, I would get to it that evening after work. They obliged (really, they're the best!) so I did my final sketch that evening. It was my favorite, and the one I submitted. I didn't win anything, but I had a ton of fun with these! You can view the winning entries here.

Hoping to have time for the storefront challenge this month!




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