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Packing for Portugal

Just returned from Portugal, and I've come back with so much to share! To start at the very beginning, I want to show you my kit pack!

These are the art supplies I brought along. I had two filled palettes (one for checked luggage and one for my carry on. I like having a spare in case at some point something happens to one, I have a spare. Same with the extra pen case of pens and brushes. I was prepared! I didn't need any of these things on this trip.). My usual pen case with pens, brushes, a mechanical pencil and a mechanical eraser. You can see my two Woodward and Father boards (original and large sizes) I took along for the trip, peeking out of the upper right corner. I had plenty of water containers (so I don't have to refill as often). The hats, a foldable camping stool, my sunglasses, and the (not pictured) sunscreen and water bottle were all essential. There is also a book light for nocturnes! The empty palette, the roll with miscellaneous pencils and pens, kneaded eraser, pencil sharpener and quite a bit of the paper were all for specific workshops. I also brought a lot of business cards and a number of different kinds of paper (as well as a palette knife, to separate out sheets on the watercolor blocks I brought). Last but not least, the sketchboard strap I ended up not really using on this trip. Didn't do any standing sketching!

This is what the art supplies look like actually folded up and stacked. It looks like I didn't pack as much this way!

This is the scary "everything" version. You have everything from the other photos, but also all the Woodward and Father stuff I brought to sell (16 boards and 3 palettes were purchased!). The Strand bag is holding all the water cups for the boards, with some extras. You can also see the paper spread out in this one (All the pads of paper I took almost all the paper out for weight!), as well as my symposium schedule (that folder also had all my travel info printed out, it was my catch-all for anything I might need to look up in the airport!)

Did art supplies take up more space in my baggage than everything else I brought? Yes. And I have no regrets! Next up: Day 1 of my trip!




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