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Portugal Sketchcation: Day 6

The Friday of symposium is always a big one: two workshops! And I FINALLY managed a morning sketch of sunlit fog on the bridge.

And then, because I'm an overachiever, I did a second morning sketch right across the street from the Alfandega (our "hub" where we meet for morning announcements and before all workshops).

First workshop of the day was with Ian Fennelly. I found out that his workshop was sold out within 5 minutes of registration opening, so I felt extra lucky to get in! The workshop was a great time, we were working much looser than I usually do (a theme for the day: stay tuned!) and Ian put an emphasis on having fun. All my former students can either be pleased or disappointed that I didn't take this class soon enough to adopt his token "Smashed it!" (complete with British accent) to be used any time a student is doing well. Managed two sketches in class, let the first one be before I killed it and did another small one with my remaining time.

Next up: Reham Ali's workshop! Again, working much looser than I normally do (though not loose enough, Reham was scandalized by my use of pencil in the beginning. I put it away after that!). I had fun flinging around paint! I don't think I could live in this style, but gosh it was fun to visit!

After the workshop I went back to finish up my sketch from earlier in the week!

Later, after dinner, I made it out for one more nocturne. This is Porto as seen from across the river! Worth the missed sleep.




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