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Too Early for a 2020 Favorite?

Winter is tough for an outdoor sketcher, y'all. Sometimes you see lovely things you want to stop and sketch, but it's just TOO COLD! Even without having to worry about your paint turning to ice on you, there is only so much you can expect very cold fingers to do. But the light is so great! As a result I have a handful of photos to take back to the studio. I did this one from photos taken in Columbus Circle in February, and is it too soon to declare a 2020 favorite? I love that you can feel the cold through the pigeons, who were all trying to get their heads as far back into their bodies as they could to keep warm. They looked like little old people, about to yell at me to get off their lawn. Adorable. Now that I'm closing my commission queue, I'm looking forward to having more time to do fun work like this in my studio!

One of the Original Photos

Just look at these cuties! The one on the right must be visiting from Canada.

Look at these cuties. The one on the right must be visiting from Canada; the others are VERY DISPLEASED about the weather and he is absolutely fine.

Here is a gallery with some process shots for anyone interested!




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