Angels in America

A couple of months ago I did this great little commission, which happened to be a lovely addition to my Broadway nocturne collection! This one is of the Neil Simon theatre, while Angels and America was occupying it.

The Flatiron Building: an Illustration

Sometimes when you're strapped for time, but have your sketching stuff and golden hour is hitting the Flatiron Building juuuuust right, you have to stop and sketch it. It's basically a law. You may have noticed, it's one of my favorite things to paint in Manhattan (see "related posts"). I realized very early on I didn't have my pencil with me, so I had to go direct to watercolor which I appreciate as a challenge but in actual practice really don't care for. Here it worked out since I wanted to be quick anyway, so I went for a more illustrative style than my usual. I also just ignored the sky and left it to the buildings.

Washington Square Park

Sometimes you have some time to kill between work and meeting up with friends. So you head to Washington Square Park, randomly run into another friend because that happens with surprising frequency in a city of 8 million people, and then use your remaining time to do a super quick sketch of the arch! The Empire State Building can be seen within the arch. I mostly was hoping it wouldn't start to rain (it didn't), but was leaning against the fountain and the spray that happened when the wind changed gave the painting a lovely, albeit unintended, texture!

Art as Gifts: Princeton and Wall Street

Sometimes, I get to work on commissions I'm REALLY excited about. This was one of those times. They were destined to be a Christmas and graduation present from a grandmother to her granddaughter who would be graduating from Princeton in the spring and will be working at Goldman Sachs in the fall. Princeton holds a place in my heart from my summer working at the now-defunct New Jersey Opera (which was based on campus). I was able to use one of my favorite photos (of my favorite building!) from my time on the Princeton campus, and go take my own photos of Wall Street to work from to create these two complimentary paintings. I tweaked the colors so they would go nicely if hung together, and whe

Concert with Common Jack and Kuinka

Back in June I was lucky enough to yet again see one of my favorite bands, Common Jack, in concert. Common Jack was opening for Kuinka, who I wasn't familiar with (I didn't even spotify them beforehand!) but quickly fell in love with. I basically have had their songs "Gold," "Curious Hands," and "Howl" stuck on repeat in my head and I am FINE with it! I managed to sketch John of Common Jack (who happens to be a buddy from college) and each member of Kuinka during their respective sets. I think you can tell I was a little more relaxed while sketching John, in part because I knew what he looked like going in but mostly because I had a little more time since I wasn't trying to sketch multiple p


I LOVE a good bookstore. New, used, whatever. Any bookstore. I love seeing all the cover designs (I know you aren't supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I'm an artist. It basically comes with the territory), reading the backs, and flipping through the pages. Here are two recent paintings I've done of some of my favorite bookstores! First up: the Strand. 10/10 most likely place for you to find me if I have time to kill near Union Square. I'm likely up in the art section, doing a lap of my favorite artists and photographers seeing if they have anything new in that might be out-of-print, and deciding if I'm willing to carry around that book of Mark Freeman drawings for the rest of the day

Bryant Park Movie

After seeing the last movie of the summer in Bryant Park last year during my artist residency, I knew I wanted to make it to at least one this year! So, when I heard they were showing A League of Their Own (an old family favorite!) I invited some of my best gals and we decided to go! Because I'm me, I obviously had to sketch it. Me and Erin got in early to put down two blankets when the lawn opened (my first time participating in the mad dash to get a place on the lawn!). I did a quick daylight sketch of the scene before I began my nocturne for the movie. This time around I wanted to get a decent amount of my nocturne done before the movie started. Unlike last year, I was smack dab in the mi

Birthday Sketchwalk

Why yes, I am months behind in blogging. Time to finally tell you about my birthday sketchwalk! I decided the way I wanted to spend the day was by seeing movies and sketching. In the morning I went to see Ocean's 8 with my sister (it combined my love of heist movies with my love of all of the amazing women they cast!), and then I went on a sketchcrawl of some of my favorite places in New York. I started with my favorite view in Central Park, looking back at the buildings along the southern edge of the park. After that I meandered through the park, enjoying the lovely weather and people watching, until finally coming out at the South East corner of the park. I walked down to the Rockefeller P

Portugal Sketchcation: Day 7

Last day of the symposium! This means one final workshop, our last sketchwalk, and closing ceremonies. My final workshop was "Gouache like a Child" with Maru Godas. Gouache is an opaque watercolor medium, which I don't work in often. The point of the workshop is to just take what you like from the scene around you and include it, to worry less about scale, and color, and just have fun. And we did! I'm missing one painting I did as a warm-up that I'll post later should it turn up, but see my other two below. Afterwards I went to lunch with friends, and also to visit Livraria Lello, a bookstore which inspired the Hogwarts library in Harry Potter. More than just being a Harry Potter-related des

Portugal Sketchcation: Day 6

The Friday of symposium is always a big one: two workshops! And I FINALLY managed a morning sketch of sunlit fog on the bridge. And then, because I'm an overachiever, I did a second morning sketch right across the street from the Alfandega (our "hub" where we meet for morning announcements and before all workshops). First workshop of the day was with Ian Fennelly. I found out that his workshop was sold out within 5 minutes of registration opening, so I felt extra lucky to get in! The workshop was a great time, we were working much looser than I usually do (a theme for the day: stay tuned!) and Ian put an emphasis on having fun. All my former students can either be pleased or disappointed tha

Portugal Sketchcation: Day 5

This far in the trip I had been struggling to have time for a morning sketch, and day 5 was no different. It was our first day of workshops; we would have a workshop in the morning and our demo in the afternoon. My first workshop was with Eduardo Bajzek, and it was called "Graphite is the Matter." Part 1 of me exiting my comfort zone. This was a lot of fun though, I think I should get more into doing graphite! (This may have reawakened my interest in subway sketches, which I do in graphite) After lunch, I went to see Pedro Alves' demo. Afterward, me and some others decided to sketch the view! Afterward, I met up with friends for dinner and alas, it was too late after to get another sketch in


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